2010. október 6., szerda


LAST UPDATED : 18April.2018


"Unhallowed Thoughts" 12" LP

Limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies with a high quality pro woven
patch with the front cover's artwork & a poster with same artwork.
The first 33 copies on clear vinyl with red bordered patch & the rest
33 copies on black vinyl with black bordered patch. 
Last copy back in stock so act fast !!!!!


"Possessed by Death" 7" EP

Strictly limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies lathe cut vinyl
with full colour cover & with an insert dedicated to our brother
JIM SADIST The first 2 copies on clear vinyl, the upcoming 22 copies
on white vinyl & the rest 42 copies are on black vinyl.


TEMPLE BELOW (Chl/Swe) "Dies Irae"
Tape edition

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
Pro factory made cut to size tape,with pro printed cover
and same program on each sides.
100 copies of the tape comes with high quality woven patch.
The first 50 copies comes with high quality both side printed
T-Shirt & also the high quality woven patch.
Regular version sold out, only few copies available from the
T-shirt and the Patches version!

Last few copies left from the T-Shirt version!



MIDNIGHT (Usa) "Prowling Leather" 
Official Baseball T-Shirt
Limited to 66 copies on high quality Fruit of the Loom baseball
shirt. Both side printed & last edition of this great design!
Available in S,M,L,XL & XXL sizes. ---> last copies!


MIDNIGHT (Usa) "Prowling Leather" 
Official T-Shirt & Girlie
Limited to 66 copies & 33 copies.
Available T-Shirt sizes : S,M,L & XL ---> sold out!
Available Girlie sizes : S,M & L ---> few copies left!

NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa) / MOLOCH (Ukr) "Split" 7" EP
Limited to only 144 hand-numbered copies.
The first 56 copies on green vinyl, the rest are on black vinyl.
11 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> last copy!
Strictly limited edition & act fast!

BILSKIRNIR (Ger) / MARBLEBOG (Hun) "Split" 7" EP
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies and the first 100 in
pale red clear vinyl & 200 in black vinyl ---> only black available!
13 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> sold out!

Limited to 388 hand-numbered copies and the first 133 in white
vinyl & 255 in black vinyl ---> Only the black vinyl available!
12 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> last copies!


War Master (Usa) - Demo 2010 MC
Toxic Holocaust (Usa) - Gravelord 7" EP
Witches Hammer (Can) - Death Of No Reprieve 7" EP
Knox Om Pax (Usa) - Laudanum CD
Abyssic Hate (Aus) - A Decade Of Hate CD
Death Fortress (Usa) - Triumph Of The Undying CD
Sect Pig (Usa) - Slave Destroyed MC
Witchcraft (Fin) - Diablerie MC
Black Witchery (Usa) - Live Desecration 2012 MC
Black Witchery (Usa)  - Upheaval Of Satanic Might MC 
Black Witchery (Usa)  - Inferno Of Sacred Destruction Tank Top
Perverted Ceremony (Bel) - Sabbat Of Behezaël MC
Arckanum (Swe) - The 11 Year Anniversary Album 12" LP
Iron Maiden (UK) - Eddies Back T-Shirt
Enforcer (Swe) - The Black Angel T-Shirt
Ewiges Reich (Ger) ‎- Zeit Des Erwachens CD
The True Mayhem (Nor) - Norges Dubai Corps T-Shirt
Bestial Mockery (Swe) - Sixhundredsixtysix Warheads T-Shirt
Yellowgoat (Usa) - Symbol Woven Patch
Metallica (Usa) - Shortest Round Patch
Metallica (Usa) - Damaged Justice Round Patch
Metallica (Usa) - Ride The Lighting Hooded Sweatshirt
Abigail (Jpn) / Nocturnal Damnation (Rok) - Split 7" EP
Moonblood (Ger) - Blut & Krieg Woven Patch
Written In Blood Zine - Issue  # 2
Inquisition (Col/Usa) - Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer CD
Temnozor (Rus) - Haunted Dreamscapes CD
Incinerator (Swe) - Thrash Attack CDR
Tenhi (Fin) - Hallavedet MCD
Permixtio (Ita) - Il Canto Dei Sepolcri CD
Csejthe (Can) - La Mort Du Prince Noir CD
Necromantia (Gre) - Ancient Pride DigiPack CD
Necroccultus (Mex) - Solemnelohim, Bringer Of Death MC
Cryhavoc (Fin) - Pitch-Black Blues CD
Cryhavoc (Fin) - Sweetbriers CD
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Murder Is Easy MC
NunSlaughter (Usa) - See You In Fucking Hell MC
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Possessed By Death Metal MC MC
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Black Mass In Hells Headbash MC
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Condemned To Hellsinki MC
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Live At Lucifers Hammer MC

Bornholm (Hun) - Inexorable Defiance 12" LP
Thor's Hammer (Pol) - May The Hammer Smash The Cross CD
Hypothermia (Swe) - Svartkonst II Official T-Shirt
Sabbat (Jpn) - Sabbatical Maniac Vol.1 7" EP
Sabbat (Jpn) - Sabbatical Maniac Vol.2 7" EP

Cobra (Per) - To Hell CD
Cobra (Per) - Lethal Strike CD
Cobra (Per) - To Hell Official T-Shirt
Nocturnal (Ger) - Arrival Of The Carnivore Official Longsleeves
Infernal Curse (Arg) - Awakening Of The Damned  DigiPack CD
Veneficium (Can) - De Occulta Philosophia - A Missae Tenebrae CD
Marblebog (Hun) - Forestheart Official T-Shirt
VON (Usa) - Satanic Blood Angel Official Hoodie Sweatshirt
Tormentor (Hun) - The Seventh Day Of Doom 12" LP
Sabbat (Jpn) - Black Fire Worldwide Official Baseball T-Shirt
Forteresse (Can) - Les Hivers De Notre Epoque Official T-Shirt
Heavy Cross (Fin) - Street Wolf 7" EP
Death (Usa) - How We Die Part 1 & 2 7" EPs
King Diamond (Den) - Conspiracy 12" PIC LP
Assassin (Ger) - Interstellar Experience 12" PIC LP
Twisted Tower Dire (Usa) - Crest Of The Martyrs 12" PIC LP
Front Beast (Ger) - Logo Embroidered Patch
Syphilitic Vaginas (Swe) - Logo Embroidered Patch
Morbus Chron (Swe) - Logo Embroidered Patch
WAR (Swe) - Logo Embroidered Patch
Midnight (Usa) - Funeral Bell Embroidered Patch
Sepultura (Bra) - Morbid Visions 12" LP
Abigail (Jpn) / Mantak (My) - The Eastern Desekratorz CD
Derogatory (Usa) - Derogatory MCD
Malveillance (Can) - Insignifiance CD
V.A.C.K. (Can) - L'ombre De La Solitude CD
Moontower (Pol) - To The Dark Aeon MCD
Moontower (Pol) - Praise The Apocalypse CD
Gravewürm (Usa) / Hekseri (Usa) - Split CD
The Crucifier (Gre) - Merciless Conviction CD
Necronomicon Beast (Bra) - Hell Thrash War CD
Kill (Swe) / Thorspawn (Mex) - United In Hells Fire CD
Korihor (Phi) / Maniak (Phi) - From Death...Rising! CD
Kerasphorus (Usa) - Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn CD
Gnostic (Usa) - Evoking The Demon CD
Chainsaw (Chl) - The Announcement CD
October Falls (Fin) - Marras CD
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Beware 7" EP
Nomans Land (Rus) - Hammerfrost 12" LP
Vampire (Swe) - Vampire MC
Vampire (Swe) - Cimmerian Shade MC
Perished (Nor) - Kark MC
Sonne Adam (Isr) - Messengers Of Desolate Ways MC
Sonne Adam (Isr) - Transformation MC
Necrophagia (Usa) - Season Of The Dead 1983-1987 DBL CD
Ruins (Ger) - Chambers Of Perversion Official T-Shirt
Graveland (Pol) - Logo Official T-Shirt
Abigail (Jpn) - Metal Bitch Inferno Official T-Shirt
Bewitched (Swe) - Diabolical Desecration Official T-Shirt
Morbosidad (Usa) - Ritual Of Hate Official T-Shirt
Black Witchery (Usa) - Inferno Of Sacred Destruction Official T-Shirt
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Face Of Evil MC
Deathhammer (Nor) - Evil Power CD
Yellowgoat (Usa) - Sessions by Joel Grind CD
Guerra Total (Col) - Más Allá De La Tumba CD
Blüdwülf (Usa) / Children Of Technology (Ita) /
Midnight (Usa) - Berlin Is Burning 12" LP
Bathory (Swe) - Hail Sathanas 7" EP
Paragon (Ger)  - Eye Of The Storm 7" EP
Slaughtbbath (Chl) - Total Warlust 7" EP
Dishammer (Esp) - Vintage D-Beat Mark MC + T-Shirt
Abigail (Jpn) / Shitfucker ‎(Usa) - Bloody Your Lovely Pussy 7" EP
Obnoxious Youth (Swe) - Suck On The Cross 7" EP
Eternal Frost (Ger) - Das Ende 7" EP
Father Befouled (Usa) - Rotting Godless Throne 7" EP
Perversor (Chl) - Anticosmocrator CD
Shitfucker ‎(Usa) - Suck Cocks In Hell CD
Goatlord Corp. (Fra) - Horns Of Resurrection 7" EP
Nuclear Warfare (Tha) - Hammers For Evil Blood MC
Candlemass (Swe) - Dark Reflections 7" EP
Perversor (Chl) - The Shadow Of Abomination 7" EP
Pustulation (Dnk) - Under The Shadow Of Death 7" EP
Black Magick SS (Aus) - Symbols Of Great Power 7" EP